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Digital presence is what Dlonra Media Group is best at. This includes marketing, branding, and web design.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

Here at Dlonra Media Group, we know the internet like the back of our hands. Therefore, we know how to make any web page appealing and responsive on any platform.

What does this mean to you? Your website is the face of the company. With a beautiful and functional website, your potential customers are more likely to become a real paying client.

Starting a company may be tough, leave the internet side of things to us.

Brand Design & Strategy

We are your online presence consultants. With Dlonra Media Group you can expect only the best in graphic design, web development and brand developnet.
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This is the first step in starting something special. With a great new logo, we can start the process of building your branding strategy.

We will create a plan for how we will get your name out there so everyone in your niche will know about your company/brand. 


Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services are guaranteed to boost your search engine ranks. We use white hat methods that will produce great results without any risk to your domain.
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Are you reaching your customers online? Without an SEO strategy for your local business, you’re missing out on dozens, hundreds, even thousands of potential customers. The search engines need a clear understanding of where you are located and what services you offer. Our local SEO services help make sure search engines recognize your business to bring you in front of your customers.

Website Development

One of the most important parts of putting a face to your brand. With a beutiful, responsive, and functional website you are garantted to attract new prospects.
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There are two different options for web development

Our flagship service, Dlonra Group’s Custom Website Development, is designed to take your organization’s website to the next level. The process begins with a strategic plan where we help you articulate your audience, brand, product offering, competitive landscape, culture and marketing strategy. Based on these discussions, we will guide you through our proven website creation process

Template-based websites are great for simpler projects that don’t need high-end graphic design or custom code, such as a campaign or event site, or a small business site. In a template-based build, you’ll choose from a bank of pre-made website design concepts, then work with Dlonra Group to fill in your content (text, images, videos) and apply your visual branding (logo, colors, fonts).


Audience Analytics

Here at Dlonra Media Group, we analyze your target audience. With that information, we can target and monitor the correct groups with social media advertising.
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We will have analytics running on your website so we know who, when and where people are accessing your website. This will give us insights on what your target market is and how we should be targeting them so you get their business.

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